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Anyssia Gibbs, – 5’11, 165 lbs.

I, Anyssia, Gibbs am a passionate basketball player and fierce competitor who exhibits impeccable defensive skills along with an exemplary offensive talent. I attribute most of my competency to my work ethic, diligent preparation, and my attention to details.

The qualities that set me apart are my leadership skills, basketball I.Q, my versatility, persistence, defensive prowess, coach-ability, and energy on both the offensive and defensive ends.

I am an athletic player that can play multiple positions; the SG, SF, PG, and (as needed the PF). I am a Pre-Med student; earning a 4.0 GPA in my spring semester. My goal is to ultimately play at the NCAA Division I level.

I am a woman of faith, a diligent student and a hard working athlete. I aim to reach my maximum potential in all three aspects of my life, and to be a pleasure to the people around me.

A Basketball Players Story

- My First Year College Experience

Sometimes, it’s your turn to go through somethings – Before you make your break through – Adversity is going to hit – It’s going to hit hard – You’re going to have to fight through somethings to come out big – When you keep fighting and keep working through it, there’s a reward waiting for you



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